2020 Vendor Information

Apply to be an Ice & Fire Con 2020 Vendor

(Feel free to email us with any questions)


Brief Overview:

*Please note that while the following information has not been completely finalized as of 8/2/2017, you will not be asked to sign a contract until everything has been finalized.

– Single booth rental is $200 and includes two (2) tickets. Double booth rental is $400 and includes four (4) tickets. There are no discounts for not utilizing all included tickets. You may purchase up to two (2) additional vendor tickets for $75.

– Each 6′ table will come with 2 chairs. You can also request a cover and skirt if you will not be providing your own.

– Vendor room hours are from 10 AM until 6 PM on Friday April 26th and Saturday April 27th, 2018. Sunday hours for April 28th are TBD but at the minimum the vendor room will be open from 10 AM to 2 PM.

– Your accommodations are entirely separate and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are accepted as a vendor, we will send you the booking information as soon as you have paid your vendor fee. We highly suggest staying on Deer Creek’s property as the closest hotel is at least a 20 minute drive from our location.

– Once you have paid your vendor fee, the convention will add you to the vendor page that we will be creating on our website, as well as to our sponsor page if you choose to donate an item for us to use as a prize. We will also announce your attendance as an artist/vendor on our social media accounts (i.e. Facebook & Twitter).

– Ice & Fire Con is an 18+ event. At no point will anyone under the age of 18 be allowed in the convention spaces or at the convention events.


It is important to note that Ice & Fire Con is a small, fan-run convention. Our max full weekend attendance will be no more than 400 people. We have discussed selling single-day tickets but this is not something we usually do and it will be some months before we make a decision on that. If we were to sell single-day tickets, there would be a max of 50 available per day. And of course we cannot guarantee that we will sell out, although our ticket sales are doing very well. That said, because of our small size and the fact that we are limiting our vendor/artist tables to no more than 10, our vetting process will be very thorough.