You may now sign up for the Ice & Fire Con 2017 Costume Contest here!

Costume Contest General Rules and Guidelines

In 2016 we did things quite a bit differently. There was private one-on-one judging on Saturday afternoon, followed by a Costume Parade at 4 PM, with performances taking place after the parade. We will continue to tweak this event for 2017, so stay tuned!

Costume Categories
Novice – You are just starting out. You are just learning skills. You didn’t make every item of your costume; some is made up of store bought items. You have never won a costume contest and haven’t entered more than three previously.

Intermediate – You have completed a few costumes. You are still learning but are confident in the skills you know. Most of your costume is made by you. You have entered a few contests previously but have won no more than three.

Advanced – You have a closet (maybe even a room) of costumes. You have one serious set of skills and more than confident in your abilities. All of your costume is made by you. You have entered contests and are confident in the process.

Groups will be judged under the level of the most experienced member. So if you are all starting out then you will be judged as Novices. If you the majority of the members are Intermediate but one is a Master the group will be judged as Masters.mormonts

There is no craftsmanship judging. Performances are judged by the crowd reaction.  Performances can be solo or with a small group. Props are allowed but no items that make a mess are allowed (GLITTER or CONFETTI). Please be mindful that performances are done in a small space.

Judging will be based on a points system. Each level will be judged a little differently due to the nature of the skill sets.


Registration for the costume contest will be done pre-convention. Please drop us a line if you are interested in participating or have any questions.