Weapons Policy

Ice and Fire Convention Weapons Policy

1) No firearms of any kind.

2) Any attendee caught on Deer Creek’s property with a firearm will be asked to leave the premises immediately. No refund will be available for the breaking of this rule.

3) Bladed weapons – whether they are real, wooden, foam, plastic, etc. – must be sheathed at all times, the only exception being that weapons may be BRIEFLY displayed for the purpose of authorized photo shoots, and returned to their sheathes whenever the attendee is not posed for a photograph.

4) Anyone caught breaking the sheathed weapon rule will be verbally warned once. If a second offense occurs the attendee will be asked to return the weapon to their room for the duration of the Convention. A third offense will lead to the attendee being asked to leave the Convention. If asked to leave, no refunds will be offered for your convention ticket.

5) Bows and arrows may be displayed as part of a costume as long as they are not drawn. The reasoning for this is that a mistake with this type of weapon can be dangerous regardless of proximity to the weapon, and as always those of us at Ice & Fire Con urge that extreme caution be used when wearing weapons such as these as props. Blunts and rubber tips are encouraged to be used with all arrows brought on site.

6) While this is our general weapons policy for Ice & Fire Con, the Convention Organizers and the Staff at Deer Creek State Park and Lodge have the right to ask you to leave at any time for violation of any degree. These rules may also change without notice at any time. While some special consideration may be given to the levity of offense, please note that this is at the discretion of the organizers and is not a requirement on our part. As always, we urge anyone carrying weapons to act responsibly and to be aware of your environment. These rules were made to protect you and your fellow convention attendees from serious harm and we hope you understand.

7) Regarding war-hammer style prop weapons – You must keep these types of prop weapons in hand/under control; no waving it around. No Hulk Smashing or reenactments of Robert’s Rebellion will be tolerated and the same warnings will be given out as with our policy on Bladed Weapons (See Number 5).

*The ONLY *possible* exception(s) to these rules will be during the practice session before the tournament and during the tournament itself. However, note that the tournament will be a supervised event, and convention safe (LARP) weapons will be used.*