The Tourney of Champions is Ice & Fire Con’s take on the tradition of grand events to show off skill, valor, and power in the Seven Kingdoms.  The Queen Regent and Lord Paramount would like to extend to you this opportunity to take place in or witness our Grand Tourney of Ice & Fire Con.

While historical tournaments were grandiose and violent, we have opted for a more relaxed, humorous take on them. The main objective of the Tourney of Champions is for both the viewers and the participants to laugh and enjoy themselves!

Requirements for Participating

  • The Tourney of Champions requires pre-convention sign up. 
  • Weapons will be provided, we will not be having participants fight with their own weapons starting in 2017.
  • By signing up for the Tourney of Champions you acknowledge that neither Ice & Fire Con nor any attendee competitors will be held responsible for any injuries or mishaps that may occur during the course of the tournament.
  • We welcome you to don your favorite cosplay for this competition but it is not required. Loose, moveable clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended.


The 2017 Tourney was a grand display of skill and athletics and everyone had a marvelous time. Starting in 2018, we are going to take the event back to its roots to make it a bit more accessible for everyone– which means the competition will be a bit more silly than skillful. Stay tuned for updates!


Winners will be awarded with prizes at the awards ceremony on Saturday night of Ice & Fire Con.