Tourney of Champions

The Tourney of Champions is Ice & Fire Con’s take on the tradition of grand events to show off skill, valor, and power in the Seven Kingdoms, and we would like to extend to you this opportunity to take place in or witness this Grand Tourney at Ice & Fire Con 2020!

While historical tournaments were grandiose and violent, we have opted for a more relaxed, humorous take on them. The main objective of the Tourney of Champions is for both the viewers and the participants to laugh and enjoy themselves!

Requirements for Participating

  • The Tourney of Champions requires pre-convention sign up. 
  • Weapons will be provided; participants can not fight with their own weapons.
  • By signing up for the Tourney of Champions you acknowledge that neither Ice & Fire Con nor any attendee competitors will be held responsible for any injuries or mishaps that may occur during the course of the tournament. Those who sign up for the tourney will be required to sign a disclaimer upon arrival at Ice & Fire Con 2020.
  • We welcome you to don your favorite cosplay for this competition but it is not required. Loose, moveable clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended.

Tournament Rounds

  • The tournament will consist of two games – stick horse jousting and melee rounds.
  • Stick horse jousting will involve three rounds of two competitors running at each other with a stick horse between their legs and a pool noodle as their lance. There will be several judges on hand to determine who is the winner of each round.
    • Ice & Fire Con will provide both the stick horses and the pool noodles.
    • Winners of each round will participate against each other until we have found the jousting champion.
    • Due to time constraints, we cannot have more than twenty total jousters.
  • Melee rounds will consist of eight 6-person sword fight melees. There will be several judges on hand to determine who is the winner of each round.
    • Ice & Fire Con will provide the LARP-approved swords.
    • Winners of the first set of melees will compete against each other in one of two 4-person semi-final rounds. Finally, the two semi-final round winners will compete one on one to determine the melee champion.
    • Due to time constraints, each round will last a maximum of three (3) minutes.
  • You do not have to sign up for both games
  • Sign ups are VERY limited, so please do so sooner rather than later – but remember, you MUST have a ticket to Ice & Fire Con 2020 to sign up!


Winners will be awarded with prizes at the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon of Ice & Fire Con.

Ice & Fire Con 2020 Tourney of Champions Sign Ups Are Now Open!