Ice and Fire Con Website Makeover!

As you can see the Ice and Fire Con website is getting a full makeover. This was because our previous site had a number of security issues that we needed to address in order to make sure that our site was not having a negative effect on our current and future attendees. Please take a few moments to browse the site and get used to the new layout. Some of the information has changed but for the most part it is the same.

You might be able to tell that we’re now using WordPress as our CMS. This is because of WordPress’ easy to use backend that will allow us to more easily keep the site up to date and flush with the newest and most exciting Ice and Fire Con news. The current layout of the site will not remain the same. It is a placeholder until we can have the time to build a full new site.

Thanks for being understanding while we rebuild the site!

Brendan Murphy
Lord Commander/Organizer