Saga Event Planning: Our New Parent Corporation

Saga Event Planning

Dear Ice & Fire Con attendees and fans,


Recently myself and fellow Ice & Fire Con organizer K-K announced that we would be creating another small, single-themed convention: Beach City Con, which will focus on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe.

When we began planning Beach City Con, I decided that it was time to put Ice & Fire Con under the umbrella of my new company, Saga Event Planning.

I started Saga Event Planning not just because I want to bring more by-fan, for-fan conventions like Ice & Fire Con to the convention circuit, but also because I have extensive experience organizing theme parties and charity bar crawls, as well as having volunteered for the TedX Greenville event staff the past two years. Building an event planning company that centers on my love of planning fun, friendly, and lively gatherings of all sorts was a no-brainer, and bringing Ice & Fire Con into its fold means that this convention I helped found and still organize to this day will have more resources at its disposal.

Other than that, what does this change? Well, that’s simple: nothing about Ice & Fire Con as you all know and love it! It is still run by both myself and K-K, and each of us continues to have equal say. Additionally, the five-member Small Council is still in place and is involved in big decisions, major changes, etc.

If you have any questions about Ice & Fire Con, Saga Event Planning, or Beach City Con, please feel free to contact me at! And definitely stay tuned for more Ice & Fire Con news, including podcast appearances and possibly even some fun videos from K-K and I…

Tara Lynne
Founder & Organizer, Ice & Fire Con
CEO, Saga Event Planning