Meet the [Current] Small Council!

The Ice & Fire Con Small Council was created in 2013 after our successful first convention. They help run our committees and weigh in on major convention decisions. (For instance, any time we have to move locations due to the con’s growth ūüôā )

Ashley  ~  Brian H.  ~  James  ~  Chloe  ~  Theresa

ice and fire con small council

Advertising: K-K & Chloe
Events & Scheduling: Tara & Ashley
Fundraising: Tara & Theresa
Venue & Volunteer Coordination: Tara, K-K, & James
Website: K-K & Brian H.

While Tara and K-K are still the main contacts for all things Ice & Fire Con, if contacted our Small Council members can also help field concerns, questions, and suggestions. However, please note that if something is brought to their attention that requires action on the part of the convention, it will at the very least be brought to the organizers’ attention, and if more discussion is warranted, will be handled by the Small Council as a whole.